Dismantling, check and starter assembly. Nissan Micra (since 2002 of release)
Service and to Nissan Micra car repairs (since 2002 of release)
1. Introduction
2. Governing bodies and operation receptions
3. Settings and routine maintenance of the car
4. Engine
5. Systems of cooling of the engine, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
6. A power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
7. Systems of electric equipment of the engine
7.1. Ignition and engine management systems
7.2. Charge and start systems
7.2.1. General information
7.2.2. The storage battery - the general information, recommendations about service
7.2.3. Charge system – general information and security measures
7.2.4. Removal and installation of the storage battery and its holder
7.2.5. Removal and generator installation
7.2.6. System of start of the engine – the general information and precautionary measures
7.2.7. Removal and starter installation
7.2.8. Dismantling, check and starter assembly
8. Manual box of gear shifting and coupling
9. Automatic transmission
10. Power shafts, rotary fists and stupichny assemblies
11. Brake system
12. Suspension bracket and steering
13. Body
14. Onboard electric equipment
15. Electric equipment schemes



7.2.8. Dismantling, check and starter assembly

Assembly of a starter of Mitsubishi

1 — the Forward cover
2 — the Plug
3 — the drive Lever
4 — the Plate
5 — the Sealing element
6 — the Adjusting plate
7 — the Traction relay
8 — the Lock washer
9 — the Restrictive ring
10 — Assembly of the obgonny coupling

11 — Internal transfer
12 — the Shaft of planetary transfer
13 — Planetary transfer
14 — the Ball
15 — the Holder
16 — the Case
17 — the Anchor
18 — Assembly of a shchetkoderzhatel
19 — the Back bearing
20 — the Back cover

Assembly of a starter of Bosch

1 — the Plug
2 — the Forward cover
3 — the Traction relay
4 — the Lock washer
5 — the Restrictive ring
6 — the Plug
7 — Assembly of the obgonny coupling
8 — the drive Lever

9 — the Anchor
10 — the Sealing element
11 — the Case
12 — Assembly of a shchetkoderzhatel
13 — the Back cover
14 — the Plug
15 — the Cover


  1. Before check of the traction relay disconnect a negative wire from the battery and a wire from the starter plug "M".
  1. Make sure available conductivity between the plug "S" and mass of the traction relay, and also between the plug "S" and the plug "M". Otherwise replace the traction relay.
  1. Check a condition of teeths of a gear wheel of the obgonny coupling, and also teeths of reduktsionny transfer (Mitsubishi starter). The gear wheel of the obgonny coupling should rotate smoothly in one direction and be blocked in attempt of its rotation in an opposite direction. If necessary replace assembly of the obgonny coupling.
  2. Check wear of brushes, smoothness of their course in the holder, measure length of brushes and compare it to requirements of Specifications. If necessary replace brushes.
  1. Make sure that between a positive side of a shchetkoderzhatel and his basis (negative side) is not present conductivity.
  1. Check an anchor: between two segments of a collector there should be a conductivity, and between each segment and shaft of conductivity should not be.
  1. Measure diameter of a collector and compare it to requirements of Specifications.
  1. Check depth of furrows of a collector – it should not be less than 0.2 mm. If necessary pierce grooves to 0.5 ÷ 0.8 mm.
  1. At the obgonny coupling put forward by the traction relay press the coupling to choose a weak point and measure a gap between a first line of the obgonny coupling and its restrictive ring. Compare the received result to requirements of Specifications and if necessary adjust a gap, selecting adjusting plates.

7.2.7. Removal and starter installation

8. Manual box of gear shifting and coupling