Lighter. Nissan Micra (since 2002 of release)
Service and to Nissan Micra car repairs (since 2002 of release)
1. Introduction
2. Governing bodies and operation receptions
3. Settings and routine maintenance of the car
4. Engine
5. Systems of cooling of the engine, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
6. A power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
7. Systems of electric equipment of the engine
8. Manual box of gear shifting and coupling
9. Automatic transmission
10. Power shafts, rotary fists and stupichny assemblies
11. Brake system
12. Suspension bracket and steering
13. Body
14. Onboard electric equipment
15. Electric equipment schemes
15.1. Scheme of distribution of a food
15.2. Scheme of a control system of the engine
15.3. Separate chains of a control system of the engine
15.4. Data transmission tire
15.5. System of start of the engine
15.6. Scheme of connection of the assembly block
15.7. Lighter
15.8. Horn
15.9. Charge system
15.10. Scheme of AT and its separate chains
15.11. Scheme of the onboard control unit
15.12. Scheme of the uniform lock
15.13. Chain of connection of the anticreeping alarm system
15.14. NATS system chains
15.15. ABS scheme
15.16. SRS scheme
15.17. ABS system chains
15.18. SRS system chains
15.19. Scheme of heating of back glass and external rear-view mirrors
15.20. Scheme of computer-controlled To/in system
15.21. Hand-operated To/in system
15.22. A chain of a heater of models with To/in hand-operated
15.23. Heating of seats
15.24. Chains of heating of back glass and external rear-view mirrors
15.25. Cleaners and windscreen washers (with the rain sensor)
15.26. Cleaners and washers of back glass
15.27. Cleaners and washers of lenses of headlights
15.28. Headlights (on an example of models with DRL)
15.29. Indexes of turns
15.30. Fog lights and back foggy lamp
15.31. Scheme and separate chains of marker lights and illumination of registration plate
15.32. Stoplights
15.33. Backing lamps
15.34. Scheme and separate chains of internal lighting
15.35. Electric drive of window regulators
15.36. Electric drive of a cover of the top hatch
15.37. Electric drive of external mirrors
15.38. Combination of devices
15.39. Warning signals
15.40. Audiosystem
15.41. Traveling computer



15.7. Lighter

15.6. Scheme of connection of the assembly block

15.8. Horn